Two Fold Project V

Daniela Boieri
Rolando Deval

Lines of Life

Design Miami/ Basel

12 June 2018 – 17 June 2018


Having completed the gesture, even when his hand has pulled back, an artist never takes his eye off the surface he has just worked on. His movement, his intervention on that surface is neither trace nor lips, nor wound nor tear.

To form a couple, it is not necessary to share an emotional union; it is enough to feel a shared sentiment (something perceived through the senses) about a given condition. A condition like never precisely defining a boundary that grows and lengthens, because, essentially, it has the same way of spreading as a natural phenomenon. Here is the veining of a leaf, and its serrated edge; here are the growth rings of a tree trunk, and the roughness of its bark. And even though they follow no scientific method, artists never generate monsters, but rather fantasies, fairy tales, or better yet, pure pleasure to look at or to wear.

It is not a question of sounding inner landscapes that superintend their own reproduction, but of facilitating within them the typical progression of a flourishing fern, a jagged wall, an unfurled fan. All elements of a physical reality transformed into a delicate, melancholic metaphor, an emotion made up of tenuous, thin lines, with lacerated, rough borders.

But who are these artists who create decorations like the fortifications of trees or the striations of butterfly wings? Who are these artists who, after that visual pause over a metal surface, pick up once again and replicate their gesture without automatism? Who is the creator of that sculpture that winds like a spinal cord, and who is the artificer of those pierced cocoons in the form of rings and necklaces? The person who works to express in sculpture the vital note of a sort of growth we unconsciously experience answers to the name of Rolando Deval, and the person who makes the glowing filigree of jewelry resonate in contemporary forms is Daniela Boieri: two refined and generous artists.