Outsider Project

14 June 2008 – 31 July 2008


The artists are invited to confront themselves with currency object of the all-day life and the design, with the challenge of an unrepeatable creation. OUTSIDER would tray to find an aesthetic investigation related with the visible space, contemporaneously in the living and in the wearing. We have to arrive at the point where the tool object get a surplus value, an emotional value: an art contemporary preroga


When artist’s act behaves on daily objects, he put them in a middle-world, changing them in outsider of their own world.

OUTSIDER try to demonstrate that in this case we can’t talk of “minor art”, but of rather works that are collocated in a different space; where we could also set some designers results that for their aesthetic and formal feature are outside of the mass production. They are collocated, as the artist’s object, in a middle world where the dialogue between the different ways of expression is real and concrete.