Design Miami/Basel 2023

Booth G11
Hall 1 Süd, Messe Basel, Switzerland
Preview Day: Monday, June 12, 2023
Public Show Days: Tuesday, June 13 / Sunday, June 18, 2023

Galleria Antonella Villanova, together with the artists and designers represented by the gallery, will show two focuses specially made for the 17th edition of Design Miami/Basel.


Daniele Galliano – Famija
Seven vases in painted ceramic made in collaboration with FACC (Faenza Art Ceramic Center).
Galliano’s vases observe us, listen to us and speak to us.
All seven are ready to begin a tribal rite, a sacred rite that involves a mapping on bodies marked with forms of “Anything” (another work by the artist) and a few gleaming traces of gold paint.
Made in collaboration with FACC, the painter, like ceramics decorators of old, leaves for himself alone the task of illustrating his surreal visions in black and white, which give the scenes depicted a dynamic quality.
Anthropomorphic vases, like Egyptian and Etruscan canopic vases, but created as something between design objects and contemporary art.
Each of these monumental, precious, refined, unique containers has a specific name assigned by the artist for each member of the Famija: Listulo, Lastaia, Pistaia, Astulo, Pastaia, Anciulo and Pinciula. (Elena Ragusa)

Bernhard Schobinger
Bernhard Schobinger has always investigated the area between the applied arts and the visual arts.
The beginnings are marked by the influence of Constructivist art, especially Zurich Concrete Art, and the personal relationships with Max Bill and Richard Paul Lohse.
In his later work, from the 1970s onwards, affinities with Dada and Arte Povera are discernible. The language of the anti-aesthetics of Punk and New Wave finds expression in large objects and jewelry.
Bernard Shobinger created in antithesis with traditional jewelry, “wearable sculptures”, casting in precious materials, discarded objects: pieces of metal, wood, plastic, barks.
He thus demolished the idea of jewelry as a status symbol and loaded it with a value linked to nature, the quotidian, the human.
The preciousness is in the find object and its memory, in the object cast to be something else: ring, bracelet, necklace.
Bernhard Schobinger’s works made in different periods will be presented together with two works by Annelies Štrba, a Swiss multidisciplinary artist who works mainly with photography, video and animation.
In the two photos that will be shown, Sonja, wears two necklaces by Bernhard Schobinger.